• Free consultation - at no cost to you, we will visit your home or office to assess lighting, décor, layout and perspective. The excellence of our design service is realized in our choices of plants and containers that highlight your décor. Your input and preferences are always an integral part of every plant decision we make.

  • Delivery and Installation - our staff will personally deliver and install your plants with care and compassion. We take our time to do it right.​

Thank You Loretta!


Coming back from our summer vacation was truly a relaxing & worry free time especially knowing that plants are well taken care of.


Thank you so much Loretta... 

~ Sandy U., Palos Verdes, CA 

  • Weekly Plant Maintenance - each and every week, our trained staff will visit your home or office to care for your plants. The regularly scheduled visits include watering, fertilization, cleaning, pruning, rotation and disease control. Our years of experience shine through every visit we make.

  • Exceptional Rescue Service - this specialized service is unique and invaluable to our company. Find yourself in the uncomfortable situation where you might have chosen the wrong company to design, install or service your plants? We can come to the rescue and fix most any plant problems; from incorrect choice or placement, recurring pest problems, leaky pots, degrading containers…and the worst…technicians who never show up!

  • PLUS Service - for the client who is in need of "entertaining tonight" circumstances we will make sure plants and flowers are always in peak condition for your home or office.

  • 24-Hour Hotline - our plant professionals will guide you through your plant predicaments, dilemmas and quandaries anytime you need us. Call, text or email; and your questions will be answered within 2 hours.


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